Door to Door Freight Services is a privately owned Freight & Customs Brokerage specialising in international door to door shipping & freight services for small to medium sized companies who import and/or export freight. Whether you have FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than container load)cargo, at Door to Door Freight Services we take care of all your Customs import & export clearance requirements and logistics to ensure you enjoy hassle free shipping at a competitive price.

With over 100 years combined experience in large and small freight forwarding companies, the Door to Door Team know the frustrations that too often plague clients, things like; internal departmental conflict of priorities, talking with an employee that is trained in a narrow area and doesn’t appreciate the overall picture, and much more. Door to Door Freight Services was created by Stuart Simpson to give you an alternative Freight Company that listens and has your best interests at heart.


If it was just about getting your freight from A to B at the lowest price, which freight forwarding company you choose would be simple.

In reality there are massive differences - things that matter... like

  • Has the best route been identified so you get the optimal balance of price and shipping time for your freight needs.
  • Are you paying way too much for LCL shipments?
  • How often does a company damage or lose your cargo and if there is a claim how long does it take to sort it out?
  • Do your perishable or urgent consignments get to you in the shortest time possible?
  • If you call with a question are you shunted from department to department and nobody seems to know?
  • Do you feel like a small customer not getting the attention and expertise you deserve?
1Single, Knowledgable Point of Contact Who Can Orgnise for You...
  1. Import & Export
  2. Quoting
  3. Customs Clearance and advise duty rates
  4. Delivery or pick up
  5. Complete costings, invoicing and all the paperwork you require
  6. Actively deal with damage and loss claims
  7. Arrange Insurance
2Its Easy to Talk With Us

You can ring up without having to go through a 'talk phone' system and we communicate to you the progress of your shipment(s) from start to finish!

3Friendly Personal Service

We are a privately owned NZ company which means you won't feel 'lost' in a large corporate, we won't take your business for granted and you can be assured of the best possible personal service.

4You'll Save Time and Money

We proactively try to save you money and or time on your freight by researching and offering alternative routing or mode when this could be to your benefit. We'll also consolidate all consignments from all of your suppliers from a single origin which means costs savings for you as there is only one Customs Clearance, one Delivery Order Fee etc.

5Consistent Point of Contact

Because of the way we operate our team enjoy more diversity and accountability in their roles resulting in greater job satisfaction which means you won't be faced with constant staff changes like many other freight companies.

6Peace of Mind

We are authorized to issue Insurance Certificates on behalf of AIG which means we can insure your shipments & issue a certificate within minutes & we offer a complete claim assistance service in the unlikely event your cargo is lost or damaged.

7Your Freight Delivered Faster

We focus our energies on getting your cargo to you as soon as possible by ensuring all consignments are pre-cleared which means that if your airfreight arrives on the weekend we will deliver on Monday morning & sea freight consignments as soon as they are available for delivery. We also offer a one hour delivery service for urgent consignments. This enables you to deliver to your customers, raise your invoice & obtain payment as soon as possible.

8Professional Accountability

As members of the Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand you can be assured that our 'dealings with clients are professional & consistent with the highest professional standards of facilitation, advice & client care at all times'- CBAFF code of ethics.

9Convenient Location

Next to Auckland Airport within 1 km of MAF, Customs & the airline's cargo handling warehouses; which means we can be on the spot quickly to sort out any issues with MAF, Customs or the airlines that may arise.

10Focused on Serving Your Business

Most of our clients are small to medium businesses like yours, which means we understand the pressures & demands that SME's have on them to compete with the big boys in the market place.

11You'll be supporting the Cancer Society
With $1.00 a job donated to the Cancer Society...